About Maret Larnach Styling

Based in Port Stephens, Maret Larnach Styling have had experience in many merchandising and property staging commissions in both the retail and real estate sectors, as well as successfully delivering several event styling and internal design assignments.

Maret Larnach Styling property staging projects have featured in several upmarket print and online lifestyle publications; most notably, in the 2014 and 2015 editions of Hunter Lifestyle magazine, the “House Perv”, section of www.hunterhunter.com.au and The Newcastle Herald May 2018.

Maret’s style can range from modern to retro, and everything in between. She avoids what she dubs the cookie-cutter approach, often using the hashtag #notsamesame in her social media posts. Maret says, “Things have to be on trend and I need to appeal to the masses but there’s a way of adding colour and quirk just so you stand out.”

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More about us…

The Maret Larnach Styling team are as diverse in their abilities as they are in their shoe sizes. Each one of our team members has an avid interest in design and firmly believe that a workplace should be a place of effort, fun and somewhere to be supported and encouraged to be the best version of yourself.

Maret is the commander in chief, although she mostly tries to get out of this role. She is a master of style and vision with a photographic memory.

If you ask where the black chair with the chrome legs is, no doubt Maret will know exactly where it is – to the house, room, time it was put in and placement. She could probably also tell you what cushions were on it at the time… So don’t touch the items after she has positioned them.

Who you work with has a huge effect on your enjoyment of a job, at Maret Larnach Styling we are very fortunate to have a team who work hard to make your property shine.

When you think of styling and staging, you may think of fluffing up cushions, or deciding which throw to use with which lounge. You may even have a vision of standing back, assessing the colour scheme and directing your minions to move the lounge back to the original placement after already having tried it in three other places! And yes, all of these things are important as the final appearance matters. However, staging is like moving house – all of the things you see need to be physically brought in to make the place look amazing! From bed bases, lounges, cushions, dining table to chairs, the team work together to make it happen.

Our 2IC is Anna, who (quite rightly) likes to be thought of as Maret’s right-hand-woman.

Not only can Anna lift heavy items but she can bake too and as an accomplished artist in her own right, can paint very pretty pictures. Colour is Anna’s forte – the task of art placement and sorting out which cushions work best with what piece, are often the jobs that Anna takes ownership of.

Megs is an incredible organiser and a logistical wizard; she is always finding uses for the spare parts that Maret and Anna have left over when building flat packs.

Megs is a doer, she will get the job done before you even know it needs doing and she also knows where things are in the shed, which is beyond invaluable.

Chez joined Maret Larnach Styling recently. With young Chez on the team, the day is always a little brighter.

She is full of laughter, positivity and loves a good coffee.

Chez doesn’t enjoy flat-packing but will sit down quietly with an Allen key, the flat-pack instructions and figure it all out.

Who you work with has a huge effect on your enjoyment of a job, at Maret Larnach Styling we are very fortunate to have a team who work hard to make your property shine.

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