Let’s talk about colour…

We’ve got a lot to say about colour – we are captivated by how it can make us feel.

We can use colour to create harmony and depending on what we aim to achieve, colour can be used to evoke emotion beyond this realm, which is imprinted into memory more than any other aspect of design.

When staging a property for sale, the first thing we look at is how your property presents – what styles and colours it already has in the floor coverings, wall colour and even outdoor surroundings. Then we consider which pieces we can use to optimise your property and present it in the best possible light.

With our staging furniture, especially the larger pieces such as lounges and beds, we have a few colourful and quirky items – because it’s important to stand out! Having said that, we try to keep the colours of the larger pieces ‘neutral’ and then add layers of colour with cushions, art and throws to add “zing” and interest to the room.

Everything is taken into account – from the way the artwork matches the rug, to the page placement of a particularly relevant magazine that has colours we are using elsewhere in the room.

You may not notice it, but every little thing in each room is considered very carefully against how it ‘works’ with all of the other colours in the space. In fact, if you don’t notice it and walk into a room not looking at any one thing but subconsciously registering the harmony of the space, we have achieved our objective!

Our aim is to have your eye wander across the whole room, not ‘jarring’ on any one item but allowing your eye to flow, as you immerse yourself in the possibilities of the space.

At Maret Larnach Styling we take colour very seriously, acknowledging Wassily Kandinsky when he quoted “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”.

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