The “De” Words

De-personalising and De-cluttering

In the English language, the prefix “de-“ means ‘from’ or ‘off’.

When preparing your property for sale, Maret Larnach Styling recommends that you remove all personal items and untidiness in order to get it sale ready.

We recommend this for a number of reasons, including allowing your property to appeal to the highest number of buyers by offering a consistent presentation that does not have personal items or a jumble of unnecessary elements on display.

One action we recommend every time is to remove all personal photos before the real estate photographer arrives.

We do this for a few reasons.

Firstly, the buyer has a neutral template to allow them to see themselves living in the space. When a potential buyer is exposed to personal items, they are more inclined to focus on these peculiarities and not your property. The second reason we advise you to take down personal photos is to maintain your privacy. Real estate photographs will go far and wide on the web, and not many people want their baby photos out there for everyone to see!

Get rid of clutter, such as piles of papers, magazines, unsightly wires and cords, remote controls and more. The reality is that most buyers do not want to buy a ‘lived-in’ house – they want to experience, however briefly, an idealised version of ‘their’ new home.

One of the more popular services we offer at MLS is to help you pack away your belongings. The question we often ask clients is – Will you be taking it with you to your next home? If the answer is ‘Yes’, we can help you to get it ready for storage. If your answer is ‘No’, then if practicable, we can advise on where to donate to worthy causes.

Remember, people are looking at buying your property, not your things. Having lots of furniture and furnishings crowding a room may detract from the potential successful sale of your property.

Our aim at MLS is to present your property in its best light – allowing buyers to emotionally engage with it, by imagining themselves in the space without clutter or personal items to distract them.

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