Layout and ‘Flow’ in your Property

When walking in to a property for the first time, Maret Larnach Styling like to get a feel of the spaces and try to envision what would show the property off to it’s best advantage.

Each room needs to be considered for what furniture would work best – not only for the room’s dimensions, but also for its layout and flow. A successful plan for your property that looks as good as well as being practical takes skill and planning.

Did you know that the optimal amount of space between dining chairs and walls is approximately 90cm? This allows people to enter and exit the space with ease. If you have a living room that is on the smaller side, try using a round coffee table. No sharp corners means nowhere to rest your eyes – and also you won’t be bumping into any sharp corners!

At Maret Larnach Styling we give unobstructed access to your property and its potential.

A pleasing layout that allows buyers to move through the room easily whilst also showing practical use for each space is what we aims to do – illustrating both form and function for your property. When you walk into a room, you don’t want to be thinking about bumping in to furniture due to bad layout, but looking at the property’s qualities which are enhanced by clever furniture placement.

We also aim to create ‘flow’ throughout the property – keeping styles and colours harmonious from the moment you walk through front door in to all of the rooms and spaces.

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