What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is a service which helps prepare a property for sale on the Real Estate Market.

At Maret Larnach Styling, we love what we do. We take an individualised approach to staging each property. Our philosophy ensures that when we are finished, your place will look and feel amazing to potential buyers and as a result help attract the highest possible interest and sale price.

What is the difference between decorating a home and staging a home?

‘Decorating’ is the process you go through, over the years, of personalising your space to make your home uniquely yours.

‘Staging’ is the process we go through, to objectify your property and prepare it for sale. By removing the personas from the spaces you have lived and loved in, we make it appeal to a wider audience of potential buyers.

Our aim is to help sell your house, not the items and memories you’ll take with you, when the place is sold!

The purpose of Maret Larnach Styling is to present your property to make it appealing to the highest number of potential buyers and also attract the highest possible sale price.

Maret Larnach Styling believe that a staged home can not only be beautifully presented through the use of an overall ‘style’ that flows throughout but it can also show potential buyers how the spaces in the property can be optimised. Styled spaces often look bigger and more user-friendly than empty rooms, which means that potential buyers, walking through the spaces, can experience the property to its full potential.

Maret Larnach Styling offers different packages – from full house staging to partial staging. Partial staging is where we may be able to use some of the client’s furniture. Full staging of your property means we bring in everything – from lounges, beds, dining tables, rugs, art, towels to the beautiful furnishings that mean the property is displayed in it’s best possible light. Full staging also helps with the ‘flow’ of your property, having a consistent look throughout all rooms. When we quote we like to talk to you and ask what it is that you need and would like, and also look at each of your spaces in your property and think of what is needed in each room.

Online photographs are often the first thing that potential buyers view; with a professionally staged home, viewer engagement is enhanced, interests are piqued and sales potential maximised.

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